Buyers Guide to Absinthe Approved for Sale in the United States
In October 2007 regulations prohibiting the sale of absinthe in the United States changed. New regulations allow absinthe to be manufactured and distributed in the U.S. as well as imported from other countries around the world. Consumers now have a wide varity of absinthes to choose from. The Buyers Guide will provide information about the different brands being sold around the country.

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Absinthe on the Buyers Guide is organized into one of four Masters Categories. Categories will provide consumers with the means of discerning premium-authentic absinthe from inferior products.

Help Promote Absinthe's Return

Some brands listed on this site may not be available in your area. Please ask your local spirits retailers and favorite bars to carry them, this will help to promote the return and success of absinthe.

Featured Absinthe

Heritage Verte Absinthe

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Heritage Verte Absinthe

Heritage Absinthe Verte is a French absinthe with a "vintage" personality, distilled near Alsace in the historic distilling town of Fougerolles. Created in a 150 year old distillery, it follows a traditional recipe including grande wormwood, fennel, green anise and other selected herbs. Heritage Verte is extremely intense from this herbal composition. Once the bottle is opened a beautiful perfume of wormwood fills the room.
Heritage Absinthe Verte
Product of France
Style: Verte
Alcohol: 68% (136 proof)

- Tasting Notes -

Deep, well-infused amber green color. Unique, dark, under-forest and honey nose, smells of old memories. Intensely thick, yet reflective louche that completely captures the undiluted color on clouds. After ice-water is added it is deeply perfumed with the wormwood, anis, fennel balancing its relaxingly, yet bitter-sweet headiness.