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Heritage Verte Absinthe

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Heritage Verte Absinthe

Heritage Absinthe Verte is a French absinthe with a "vintage" personality, distilled near Alsace in the historic distilling town of Fougerolles. Created in a 150 year old distillery, it follows a traditional recipe including grande wormwood, fennel, green anise and other selected herbs. Heritage Verte is extremely intense from this herbal composition. Once the bottle is opened a beautiful perfume of wormwood fills the room.
Heritage Absinthe Verte
Product of France
Style: Verte
Alcohol: 68% (136 proof)

- Tasting Notes -

Deep, well-infused amber green color. Unique, dark, under-forest and honey nose, smells of old memories. Intensely thick, yet reflective louche that completely captures the undiluted color on clouds. After ice-water is added it is deeply perfumed with the wormwood, anis, fennel balancing its relaxingly, yet bitter-sweet headiness.