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Absinthe News & Articles



Absinthe experts T. A. Breaux and David Nathan-Maister draf
proposal for Masters Categories for the classification of absinthe.

"Our mission is to recreate history, not rewrite it" - an article
from Gazette de l’absinthe featuring Ted Breaux (2010) regarding
legal issues with absinthe in France.

Myth, reality and absinthe, an article written by Ian Hutton.

Absinthe Festivals 2001, Boveresse and Pontarlier, an article
written by absinthe expert and author, Peter Verte.

Good to the Last Drip - An interview with Ted Breaux, chemist
and absinthe historian, by Mark Miester

Absinthe Festival Boveresse Switzerland 2001, by
Imogen Foulkes, Europe Today BBC World Service

Wormwood Wine the Absinthe Ancestor

Distillation of Spirits and Absinthe, an article produced for the
Absinthe Buyers Guide by the International Centre for Brewing
and Distilling (ICBD), Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

A visit with Cristina and Federico of Fine Spirits Corner in
Barcelona, by Peter Verte. Fine Spirits Corner is one of
the oldest sellers of absinthe in Barcelona.


Absinthe and Y-aminobutyric Acid Receptor. Author
Richard Olsen, University of California

Alpha-Thujone: Y-Aminobutyric Acid Type A Receptor Modulation
and Metabolic Detoxification. Authors: Karin M. Höld, Nilantha
S. Sirisoma, Tomoko Ikeda, Toshio Narahashi, and John E.
Casida, University of California and Northwestern University

UC Berkeley - Van Gogh and Absinthe article.

Historical Articles

US Agencies Articles about Abisnthe, Wormwood and Thujone

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms - Reference to Artimisia - ATF_CM_94-2.txt

Food and Drug Administration - Reference to Artemisia - FDA_IOM_App_A.txt



Past Spirits Spotlight

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St. George Absinthe


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