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Absinthe Accessories

Spoons, Glasses, Fountains, Decanters

Modern day absintheurs collect and use these apparatus to enjoy the ritual of preparing and sipping the elixir of absinthe. Originally, absinthe was served in standard glasses and water was added from a simple carafe. But as absinthe grew in popularity so did the variety of apparatuses used, such as specialty glasses and spoons.







4 spigot absinthe fountain

The First Authentic Replica
Belle Epoque Period
Absinthe Fountain

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Absinthe Glasses!
alandia absinthe glasses
Reservoir, Brouille, Cordon


Pontarlier Absinthe Decanter

Pontarlieranis Decanter
Armand Guy


Paris 1889 Eiffel Tower Spoon
Eiffel Tower Absinthe Spoon
Special Edition